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Welcome to BriteSpotz!

My name is Susan Adey. That is pronounced with a long A and a long E - if you say it like A D or the number 80, you’ll get it right enough. I have created BriteSpotz to share my art in the hopes of bringing a spot of brightness to your day. It is a work in progress so please stop by frequently to see what's happening! 

Here is a little about me...

I have been doing nature photography for many years and have tried my hand at many other artistic and creative activities with varying degrees of success. You will see my love of nature in almost everything I create. My most recent venture is in surface pattern design and digital illustration. I am really enjoying it!

I am …

  • Lover of the great outdoors

  • Creative in so many ways

  • DIYer

  • Crafter

  • Animal lover

  • Explorer

  • Problem solver

  • Technology lover

  • and above all ... A Christ follower

Things I Enjoy


Hanging out with Family

& Friends. That's me in the front on the right (top left photo), in the back on the right (top right photo).




Photography - especially nature


Most recently - Surface Pattern Design. Just getting started but can't wait to see where it takes me!


Creating Things - I'll try my hand at anything with varying degrees of success. The joy is in learning and the creative journey!

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